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Delivering exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail in every townhouse we build

At High End Building & Developments, we have an experience of over 20 years. Our team is adept at creating townhouse developments that provide affordable and spacious residential solutions.

From single-storey to double-storey, with lavish outdoor spaces or narrow parking lots, we will help you design and build townhouses in Melbourne that are move-in ready.  

Explore New Townhouse Developments in Melbourne

Home is where the heart is – we have all heard this phrase a million times. As premium townhouse builders, we understand the truth of this statement. We build townhouses in Melbourne that provide sufficient space and maximum value to their owners – creating spaces that residents love.

We are committed to building townhouses in Melbourne with innovative floor plans that can offer affordable housing solutions. Our townhouse projects promise great locations, quality homes, and proximity to all necessary amenities.

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    Quality townhouses developments by High End Building & Developments

    The quality townhouse developments by High End Building & Developments are designed to make your dream home a reality. Our floor plans and design layouts are expansive, innovative, and modern. We are premium townhouse builders, so rest assured of quality building solutions that last for a long time.

    Check out our portfolio of completed projects to look at the new townhouse developments in Melbourne. Fill up our enquiry form if you are interested!


    Building townhouses in Melbourne is 100% worth it. It allows residents to enjoy the perks of owning a home, such as equity and wealth status, but at the same time, they do not need to worry about exterior maintenance.

    Buying a townhouse is good investment because of the following benefits:

    • Affordability– A townhouse is more affordable than single-family properties within the same neighbourhood as they are less expensive to build.
    • Less maintenance– Since a townhouse is built on a smaller size of land, the maintenance is much easier for both the interiors and exteriors.
    • More ownership– Townhouse owners have ownership of both the interior and exterior of the property. So, if they want, they can make changes to the exterior of the property.
    • Strategic locations– Most of the new townhouse developments in Melbourne are located close to school zones and important traffic routes. This increases the value in front of potential renters.

    If you’re looking for trustworthy and reliable townhouse builders in Melbourne, take a closer look at the builder’s experience, reputation, and business stability. Go through their work portfolio and see types of projects they have built in the past.

    Generally, we build townhouses in a period of around 9-10 months. If you want a personalised design and floor plan, custom-built homes in Melbourne can take nearly 10 months. Talk to our team for more information.

    We have a dedicated team to build townhouses in Melbourne at High End Building & Developments. Our architects, engineers, and builders have experience in building strategic and innovative townhouse developments. This ensures that our team achieves consistent build quality within shorter timeframes.

    There is no requirement for a body corporate to be associated with purchasing new townhouse developments in Melbourne. The two owners need to enter into a strata insurance jointly. Our team will help you with this.

    We maintain clear and consistent communication with our buyers and inform them about every milestone achieved during the townhouse build process. You will receive communication from your site manager during slab pour, frame completion, internal and external fit-out (lockup) and final fittings and fixtures prior to handover.

    If you choose a one-part contract for your townhouse development, you will have a shared wall system that will be owned jointly by the two owners of neighbouring properties.

    If you go with a split contract system, you get independent external walls for your property. There will be an air gap between the two neighbouring dwellings.

    Generally speaking, you shall have all your finances settled 90 days before the project is completed. Our team will be in constant touch throughout the build process and send you reminder emails to ensure that the finance is settled in time for you to move in.

    The construction timeline varies for each project. When building a new townhouse development, we usually wait for 70% of the townhouses within that  project to get sold before starting the building process.

    You can opt for colour changes or any other personalised interior fittings before signing the contract. Once a contract is signed, no changes can be made till the handover process is completed.